About The Emirates Equestrian Federation

Established 1992 President His Highness Sheikh Doctor Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahayan Adviser of His Highness President of UAE.

Federation supervisor of organizing activities on the equestrian across the country all within a specific goal is to build a wide base of the sport and prepare a generation of riders able to re-Equestrian ancestors to beat with the rise of the present.

Emirates Equestrian Federation also seeks through his Management , General secretaries, Administrative divisions , Organizational, Technical, Veterinary ,Media and conjunction to a group of competent experiences that manages to work on all levels with high efficiency to open up wider in the equestrian field, through regular meetings to develop and approve and follow up Federation implementation plans to develop of equestrian field and work to improve them in various activities at the national and international levels.

Emirates Equestrian Federation play an active role in monitoring all competitions that take place in the country, also plays an important role in the organization and to support the global competitions of the Arab rooter horse in international events